PAIRED ENTERTAINMENT tackled a new project in the fall of 2017 by producing a play, a production of A Delicate Ship by Anna Ziegler. 

The production was in aid of the NY based charity God's Love We Deliver with all the proceeds benefiting their incredible mission. 

Director: Angela Pietropinto & Ian Scott

Lighting Design: Chris Thielking. 

Cast: Oliver Lehne, Molly Montgomery & Charles Warburton

Its Christmas Eve, and Sarah and Sam are celebrating like New Yorkers: flirting over wine and debating the nature of existential suffering. Then there is knock on the door, and Sarah's childhood friend Nate stands at the threshold. And suddenly suffering becomes a whole lot less sexy. A kaleidoscopic look at one night in New York City that changes the lives of three people forever.

The production raised over $20,000 for the charity. 

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